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Castle Hills Residents


With full annexation of Castle Hills planned for as early as December 2021, the City is taking steps to increase engagement with those future residents. This effort includes quarterly public meetings in Castle Hills and a monthly mailer sent to all Castle Hills residences. The page provides copies of newsletters and meeting documents and notice of future meetings. Content here will be expanded in the future.

Please note that links to services on the left side of this page are current Lewisville city services and do not reflect those services that are provided by Denton County Fresh Water Supply District.

Public Meetings Schedule and Documents

Next meeting Thursday, Oct. 1, 6-8 p.m., location and format will be determined at a later date.

Have a topic you would like covered at a future meeting?

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The city produces seven electronic newsletters to help residents, businesses and visitors keep up with the latest news, events and other information. This is the easiest, and often most timely, way to keep up with Lewisville.

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, Lewisville Police Department will enforce existing state laws regulating the use of golf carts on public streets in Castle Hills. This includes the provision of state law that requires a person operating a golf cart on a public street to have a valid driver's license. For details on state law and enforcement measures, use the links below in the FAQ section.

Flier mailed with September water bill

Frequently Asked Questions About Annexation
Updated: June 25, 2020

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • When will Lewisville annex Castle Hills?

  • Will there be an election to approve annexation?

  • Will any Castle Hills residents be involved in the annexation process?

  • Why did the City create a Tax Increment Finance District (TIF)?

  • What city services does Lewisville provide now in Castle Hills?

  • What do those city services cost?

  • What new city services will be provided after annexation?

  • Will our current garbage and recycling service change?

  • What will happen to current parks and playgrounds in Castle Hills after annexation?

  • How will our property taxes change?

  • What if our district’s property tax rate is reduced to match the city’s tax rate prior to annexation?

  • How will our sales taxes change?

  • Are residents of Castle Hills also residents of Lewisville?

  • Are residents of Castle Hills able to vote in Lewisville elections?

  • Are residents of Castle Hills able to have a voice in Lewisville?

  • What will happen to the Fresh Water Supply District after annexation?

  • What will happen to my HOA and Master Association after annexation?

  • Will we have the freedom to choose our electric provider in the future?

  • Will annexation change where my child goes to school?

  • What is the City doing to get ready for annexation?