Big Move: Sustainability


What does Sustainability mean in Lewisville?

Throughout Lewisville 2025 planning process, people in Lewisville have said that they want to live in a community that is thriving and desirable over the long term – in other words, a community that is sustainable. A Big Move to accomplish before Lewisville’s 100th birthday is to create a community that is sustainable enough so it will still be desirable to people and businesses when Lewisville celebrates its 150th birthday.

This plan uses Lewisville’s definition of the term sustainability. For Lewisville, sustainability means that limited resources (such as land, water, energy, clean air, natural assets, and public funds) are used efficiently to provide a desirable quality of life and business climate that today’s residents and businesses need and want, without reducing Lewisville’s ability to provide that same quality of life and business climate so future generations of residents and businesses can succeed here too.

Along with the Green Centerpiece Big Move, sustainability can change the perception of this community’s character. This Big Move places emphasis on green to help differentiate Lewisville from other communities. This new sustainable focus is very desirable to the younger residents Lewisville seeks to attract. Sustainability also relates to many aspects of City operations and community design, so this Big Move provides a framework for all areas of City business and reduces the City’s demands on limited resources. Ultimately, it preserves Lewisville’s competitiveness for those aspects of sustainability that the market now expects to see.

Action on all four character topics helps Lewisville make this Big Move. Steps to achieve Diversity Goal 2, Build on Lewisville’s Natural Assets, directly support this Big Move. Goal 1 for Connectivity, Improve Public Transportation, is important to this Big Move because current and future residents want mobility choices, and because trips taken on public transportation will help reduce energy use (compared to trips in single occupancy automobiles). Steps to achieve Resource Management Goal 3, Improve Energy and Water Efficiency in Existing and Future Public and Private Development, make Lewisville’s use of these limited resources more sustainable. Finally, Growth Goal 2, Create and Fund New Parks and Trails, uses natural assets and development patterns to give Lewisville residents access to healthy lifestyles, while retaining important natural assets.