Big Move # 8 - Marketing and Communications


What does Marketing and Communications mean in Lewisville?

Throughout Lewisville 2025 planning process, City staff and residents have expressed concerns about cohesive identity and the need for better communication and marketing of the City. As Lewisville grows over the next 10 years and beyond, it should have implemented consistent communication and marketing plans. This can help to provide stability in communicating what Lewisville values and take advantage of existing community resources. Ultimately, a stable and consistent message can clearly communicate Lewisville’s values and offerings to market future residents, visitors, and investments. During the input planning phase it was obvious that citizens desire more connection with and awareness of current events and activities. The City offers great amenities and opportunities but few know about the full range of programs.

More and more, Lewisville is in competition with surrounding cities and regions in attracting quality developments, and providing community amenities and destinations. In turn, branding and marketing play a key role in expanding Lewisville’s image in the DFW region. Through retaining its existing residents, the City will attract new opportunities in jobs and developments. Also, communicating Lewisville’s values and offerings will be vital for the City in the decades to come as redevelopment will play a key role in how the City grows. Challenges for consideration that are both positive and negative include an expanding number of communication outlets, from print to social media to television to City website. In addition, the City does not currently have dedicated resources or a City-wide marketing plan. The City’s image and identity is often in question about “Who are we?” and “How do others see us?”. Several logos within the City exist both old and new and dilute the overall brand. The current branding plan needs to be fully implemented or otherwise reworked for continuity in City logo placement and rollout.

A critical step will be to conduct a branding evaluation for continuity in logo, placement and rollout. In addition, a City-wide marketing plan is needed to help coordinate the efforts of individual City departments. The marketing plan would incorporate existing marketing plans and clearly identify timing and actions for annual marketing elements. A communication audit would also be productive in assessing current communication gaps, needed resources and trends. In addition, the City and its partners need to market to future residents to attract the desired diversity in housing products and income levels identified during the Big Idea events.