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Big Move: Employment Centers


What do Employment Centers mean in Lewisville?

Lewisville should take strategic advantage of its prime location within the region. Interstate 35E is one of the most heavily traveled roadways in the DFW area and provides access to regionally significant activity centers. Additionally, the SH 121 Sam Rayburn Tollway provides quick access to rapidly growing areas along the Dallas North Tollway corridor. These two roadway systems position Lewisville in an enviable location for economic activity. Lewisville’s proximity to DFW International Airport gives it an advantage in attracting national and international businesses.

In addition to these transportation systems, Lewisville is now linked to the regional transit system by participation in the Denton County Transit Authority (DCTA). The City’s multimodal transportation infrastructure, including three A-Train commuter rail stations, positions it to be competitive. In today’s environment, prospective commercial interests place significant emphasis on a community’s quality of life. Ultimately, communities that provide an attractive environment for employees to live, work and play are the areas that position themselves as the most competitive for commercial interests.

Rapid growth within the Metroplex has placed Lewisville in a central location. For this reason, the City must define preferred types of development and redevelopment in a changing environment. As IH 35E widens and impacts properties for right-of-way acquisitions, new development and redevelopment of existing properties will be ripe for improvements that fit in with a more modern appealing design. Development with a more urban flavor will allow the City to identify itself as a community that provides a variety of employment options to meet a range of lifestyles. This will make the City more attractive to the creative class of young professionals, a group viewed as a positive in attracting economic development. The City must promote Lewisville as a community that provides a variety of employment options for residents who want a range of housing and neighborhood choices. Having a mix of good jobs located close to Lewisville’s neighborhoods (existing and future) makes them more desirable locations for people who want to reduce their commute times.

This strategic advantage is already reflected in the nearly 45,000 existing jobs, already making Lewisville a major employment location within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Lewisville’s existing employment centers are home to major companies and offer sites for new corporate locations that will grow Lewisville’s economy. This Big Move builds on these existing strengths, to create stronger and more diverse businesses to further strengthen Lewisville’s economy and tax base. In order to ensure the City’s long-term financial stability, development patterns should accommodate additional major employment centers. In addition, Lewisville must include the enhancement of existing employment center sites and implementing those sites ready to build. Remaining vacant land should accommodate not only development; it should accommodate development that ensures a stable and reliable tax base for the City in the future.

Economic development must play a vital role in employment center growth through training, development and redevelopment incentives, and the development review process. In the future, the City must place emphasis on workmanship and emphasize that average income matters, both ultimately impacting the community and retail potential. Actively marketing Lewisville’s incentives will help to attract additional key employers. The City should also partner with LISD to promote its success of the schools, particularly the new Lewisville High School, as a key ingredient to attracting new businesses.

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