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Big Move: Extending The Green


What does extending the green mean in Lewisville?

Extending the Green is envisioned as expanding the Green Centerpiece both physically and visually, with other parts of the City. By connecting the Green Centerpiece to Lewisville’s neighborhoods and business, the benefits of this distinctive center can translate to all the places where people live and work in Lewisville. As a key Big Move focus, City investments should emphasize and provide aesthetic and health benefits throughout the city, as well as enhancements to the City’s parks and recreation system.  While the Green Centerpiece redefines the community as a whole, daily connection to these green areas will make this identity even more valuable to Lewisville residents. These priority investments should attract the millennial generation of residents as well as businesses that rely on creative class professionals. This strategy would blur the edges between the Green Centerpiece with surrounding uses and key nodes of the City. Extending the Green concepts should promote green corridors to influence site designs, streetscapes and development expectations. Through public investments and the design of new private developments, this Big Move can help to attract the new businesses and people who want a healthy green lifestyle.

This Big Move will link pedestrian and bike trails throughout the city. It aims to connect neighborhoods and areas of employment to retail, recreation and education facilities, and to major destinations like Old Town and transit facilities. The city already contains segments of trails, significant parks and recreation areas. There is also an excellent trail plan to connect these facilities; however; a key issue is in prioritizing these connections. A vital component should be to make connections on the west side of IH 35E on an opportunity basis, with an eye on crossing the interstate and tying into Old Town, transit stations and the Green Centerpiece. On the east side of IH35E, loop connections from Old Town to the Green Centerpiece should be identified and set as a high priority for implementation. Such connections will support new urban residential development in Old Town, and spur revitalization efforts.

This Big Move also includes creation of small open spaces that can provide local landmarks and gathering spaces for non-organized sports and recreation. As an added benefit, public open spaces and trails have a demonstrated impact on increased property value for homes and businesses. That benefit is measurable for at least one quarter of a mile away; and, when part of an interconnected system, it greatly enhances community image. This translates into higher property values and reinvestment in properties over the long term. The City’s Parks Vision Plan builds on a strong existing system and provides guidance for an ambitious expansion over time. This Big Move sets the short-term priorities for these investments so that they help realize this new vision for the Lewisville community. By incorporating the City’s parks and trails projects into this Lewisville 2025 Big Move, those public investments should bring even greater returns to the community.


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