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Development Activity Report

The Development Activity Report features an online, interactive map and detailed listings of current development activity.

Projects are listed in alphabetical order. User can click on the project name and a drop down menu will identify the project type, project location, project scope, description, and status along with primary contact information.  The drop down menu also includes a “Map” button. Click on the "Map" button to see the exact location of the project on the map.

View the Development Activity Report

Project Type Descriptions:


  • Pre-submittal Consults: Prospective projects for which developers and/or other related applicants have met with city Development Review Committee (DRC) staff to discuss conceptual plans. These projects will remain on the Development Activity Report for 30 days from the project creation date.
  • Grading Plan: Required component of an Engineering Site Plan, Old Town Development Plan or Modified Site Plan which details earth cuts and fills. Sometimes, the Department of Engineering will issue stand-alone Grading permits for smaller projects for which full Site Plans are not required, or to developers who wish to begin grading the land before the complete Site Plan is approved by staff.
  • Preliminary Plat: A preliminary plan or drawing that represents a subdivider's plan of the subdivision, showing all boundaries and location of individual properties and streets. Preliminary plats must be approved by either the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council, as applicable.
  • Final Plat: A plat of a subdivision which has been approved and a copy of which has been filed for record with the county clerk of Dallas or Denton County, Texas.
  • Engineering Site Plan: The development plan for one or more non-single-family lots upon which is shown all information required by Chapter 6 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances; plans must be sealed by a state-licensed civil engineer.
  • Old Town Development Plan: The development plan of one or more non-single-family lots in the Old Town center business district, as established by the city zoning ordinance, upon which is shown all information required by Chapter 6 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances.
  • Modified Site Plan: A city council approved site plan which does not meet all the provisions/requirements of an engineering site plan as required by Article III of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances and serves the purpose of and/or modifies an engineering site plan.
  • Construction Plans: Contain engineering data for the construction of all public improvements (water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and paving) consistent with current city development standards and master plans.
  • Planned Development District: District which accommodates planned associations of uses developed as integral land use units such as industrial districts, offices, commercial or service centers, shopping centers, residential developments of multiple or mixed housing including, attached single-family dwellings or any appropriate combination of uses which may be planned, developed, or operated as integral land use units either by a single owner or a combination of owners. A Planned Development (PD) District may be used to permit new or innovative concepts in land utilization not permitted by other zoning districts in this chapter. While greater flexibility is given to allow special conditions or restrictions, which would not otherwise allow the development to occur, procedures are established herein to ensure against misuse of increased flexibility. The minimum area for a Planned Development (PD) District shall be five acres.
  • Special Use Permit (SUP): Provides a means for evaluating land uses identified in Chapter 17 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances to ensure compatibility with adjacent properties. The intent of the special use permit process is to allow consideration of certain uses that would typically be incompatible or intensely dominate the area in which they are located, but may become compatible with the provision of certain conditions and restrictions.

Project Status Definitions:

  • Conceptual Design Review: Discovery stage wherein developers and other related applicants meet with City Design Review Committee (DRC) staff to discuss schematic designs for a prospective project; this status is specific to Pre-Submittal Consult projects
  • In Plan Review: The applicant has formally submitted plans and city staff is currently reviewing them
  • Waiting on Plans Resubmittal: Reviewed plans have been returned to the applicant so that corrections can be made and corrected plans resubmitted for further review
  • Waiting on Planning and Zoning Board Approval: City staff has approved submitted plans; items requiring Planning and Zoning Board recommendation have been scheduled for an upcoming Planning and Zoning Board meeting
  • Waiting on City Council Approval: Items requiring City Council approval have been scheduled to be presented to and possibly voted on by City Council during an upcoming City Council meeting
  • Waiting on Signature Copy: All required staff, Planning and Zoning Board and City Council approvals have been granted and the applicant is preparing a finalized copy for city staff and franchise/utility signatures
  • Waiting on Staff Signatures: The applicant has provided a finalized plan copy and plan reviewers are in the process of signing the plan
  • Waiting on Final Copies: Final approval signatures have been obtained and the applicant is making copies for distribution to the city, the contractor and other related parties prior to scheduling a Pre-Construction Meeting with the Department of Engineering
  • Waiting on 3rd Party Approval: This status is specific to projects located within the Castle Hills extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ); project approval, which is ultimately granted by Denton County Fresh Water Supply District (DCFWSD), has been granted and city staff is waiting to receive a set of finalized approved plans from DCFWSD
  • Plans Approved: All approvals and signatures have been obtained and all finalized copies of plans have been distributed to involved entities; Construction permit application is pending; a project in an “Approved” status will remain on the Development Activity Report for 60 days from the day it was marked “Approved”
  • Under Construction: Applicants have completed a Pre-Construction Meeting with the Department of Engineering and a Construction permit has been issued for public improvements
  • Public Improvements Complete: Department of Engineering has issued a Letter of Acceptance indicating that the public improvements have been completed to project specifications; a project in this status will remain on the Development Activity Report for 90 days from the day it was marked “Complete”
  • Building Permit Issued: Architectural plans have been approved by staff and the contractor has been issued a permit to begin construction of the structure(s)
  • Temporary CO Issued: Pending the issuance of a regular certificate, a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) has been issued by the building official for a period not exceeding six months, during the completion of alterations or during partial occupancy of a building pending its completion
  • CO Issued: Certificate of Occupancy (CO) has been issued indicating that the structure or part thereof has been completed in conformity with the provisions of Chapter 17 of the Lewisville Code of Ordinances; a project in this status will remain on the Development Activity Report for 90 days from the day the CO was issued
  • Project On Hold: Outstanding pre-requisite items must be satisfied before project advances