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Customer Assistance

Customer Service – 972.219.3442
For assistance relating to: Billings, Transfer of Service, Water & Sewer Rates, Termination of Service, New Service, and Meter Reading.

Service Deposits

A deposit of $75 is required for all residential size meters. The deposit increases according to meter size. No letters of credit or payment records are accepted in lieu of cash deposits.

Service Fees
  1. Reconnection fee of $25 will be charged when water has been disconnected for nonpayment. Payment in full is required prior to service reconnection.
  2. A return check fee of $30 will be charged.
  3. A meter check fee of $5 will be charged when three or more requests from the service address are presented in any 12 month period.
  4. In the event the customer or his agent tampers with a water meter, a fee of $25 will be charged the first occurrence, $50 the second occurrence, and $75 for the third or more occurrence.
Payment Schedule
All bills are due fifteen (15) days from billing. Service is terminated a week following the second month billing date. Customers are encouraged to utilize after hours drop boxes at 151 W. Church Street and 1197 W. Main Street to avoid mail irregularities. A monthly discount is provided for water customers who choose to pay by Automated Bank Drafts.

Billing Schedule
1st cycle mailed 1st Wed. 3rd cycle mailed 3rd Wed.
2nd cycle mailed 2nd Wed. 4th cycle mailed 4th Wed.

Leak Adjustments
Water and sewer wastage from "hidden" leaks will be allowed only one time in any twelve-month period. Written request for adjustment and repair invoice copies are required within 60 days of billing.

"Hidden" water leaks shall mean any leak of a water pipe, line or other conveyance equipment caused by deterioration, corrosion, damage, natural forces, or other similar cause, which is not immediately and reasonably detectable. For additional information, contact customer service at 972.219.3442.

Partial Payments/Extensions
Partial payments/extension agreements will be accepted provided certain requirements are met. The proper forms must be completed in person at Customer Service. For additional information, contact customer service at 972.219.3442