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Utility Service Information


Water Billing Inquiries

For water billing inquiries, please contact Customer Service at 972.219.3440.

Water Line Problems

The City maintains the mains and service line to the meter. Trouble in the line between the meter and the house is the responsibility of the customer. For service inquiries, contact the City at 972.219.3510.

Sewer Line Problems

If you have a sewer stoppage please contact a plumber or other service provider. There are also a number of warranty programs and vendors that provide water and sewer service line warranties. These warranties usually cover maintenance and repair costs on the water and sewer service lines for a small monthly or annual fee. This may be a desirable alternative for you if you want to insure against unexpected repair or cleaning costs.

The City of Lewisville will no longer provide cleaning of residential sewer service lines.


All refuse collection and disposal within the City is performed by Republic Services. For service inquiries or problems, please report to 972.316.0789.