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Lewisville Mayors


There have been 24 mayors of Lewisville since the city incorporated in 1925 (including two people who served non-consecutive terms). They have been a mix of business owners and civic leaders, long-time residents and relative newcomers, but all contributed to the growth and formation of Lewisville.

Biographical information below has been assembled from historical documents, published sources and the recollections of tenured residents. This page will always remain a work in progress. To submit biographical information or photos of any of Lewisville's past mayors, send an email to

 NAME/TERM  Biographical Information
Martin D. Fagg

Elected 3/25; Re-Elected 3/27; Term Expired 4/29
Born 10/6/1870. Owner of Fagg's Dry Goods Store. Died 10/24/1948. Buried at Old Hall Cemetery.

Jack Lewis
Elected 4/29; Term Expired 4/31
Born 4/13/1881 in England. Editor and publisher of the local newspaper. Died 3/3/1945. Buried at Old Hall Cemetery.
William H. Prague
Elected 4/31; Took Indefinite Leave of Absence 8/32
Worked as a hotel manager, according to the 1930 Census.
Arthur Hayes
Appointed 8/32; Elected 4/33: Re-Elected 4/35, 4/37, 4/39; Resigned 10/40
Mayor Hayes (1880-1955) is buried at Old Hall Cemetery in Lewisville.
L.M. Kealy
Appointed 10/40; Term Expired 4/41
The city's first Lewisville-born mayor (b. 8/18/1876). Served as postmaster in addition to working in the family milling/ginning business. Died 9/23/1946 and buried at Old Hall Cemetery.
Horace Milliken
Elected 4/41; Re-Elected 4/43, 4/45, 4/47; Term Expired 4/49
Born 10/18/1883. Admitted to West Point Military Academy in 1903 and served as a U.S. Army captain during World War I. Spent 32 years working for First National Bank of Lewisville. Died 1/12/1952 in Dallas, and buried at Old Hall Cemetery.
Conrad E. Duwe
Elected 4/49; Re-Elected 4/51; Term Expired 4/53
Born 11/20/1912 in Lewisville. Worked as a pharmacist. Died 11/20/1967 in England. Buried in Old Hall Cemetery.
F.C. Connor
Elected 4/53; Re-Elected 4/55; Term Expired 4/57
Connor Pavilion at Lewisville Lake Park is named after Mayor Connor.
Tom W. Beasley
Elected 4/57; Resigned 10/58
Born 6/7/1916. Moved to Lewisville and established Beasley's Jewelry on Main Street in 1948 (the store continues to operate as a family-owned retailer to this day). Died 10/9/1974. Buried at Old Hall Cemetery.
F.C. Connor
Elected 10/58; Re-Elected 4/59, 4/61; Term Expired 4/63
Connor Pavilion at Lewisville Lake Park is named after Mayor Connor.
Bill R. Weaver
Elected 4/63; Re-elected 4/65, 4/67; Term Expired 4/69
Lewisville High School graduate (1955) and member of the LHS Hall of Fame. U.S. Army veteran. Instrumental in construction of Lewisville Rodeo Arena. A founding officer of Greater Lewisville Area Realtors. Served as president of the Chamber of Commerce. Was named "Citizen of the Year" in 1964.
Sam Houston
Elected 4/69; Re-Elected 4/71; Term Expired 4/73
Attempted to block the Texas International Pop Festival, but later addressed the crowd from the main stage. Later served as a state District Judge in Denton County.
David Denison
Elected 4/73; Re-Elected 4/75; Term Expired 4/77
Graduated from Lewisville High School in 1962.
Ralph Johnson
Elected 4/77; Term Expired 4/79
Clarence R. Myers
Elected 4/79; Term Expired 4/81
Lewisville High School graduate (1956) and member of the LHS Hall of Fame. Attended Texas Tech University and Southern Methodist University. Twice named "Citizen of the Year."
Troy White
Elected 4/81; Resigned 11/82
Left office to begin employment with Texas Waste Management.
Wayne Ferguson
Appointed 11/82; Elected 1/83; Term Expired 4/85
Active in land development and energy fields. Named "Citizen of the Year" in 1989 by Lewisville Chamber of Commerce. Continued to serve on multiple city boards and commissions until his death in 2008. Wayne Ferguson Plaza in Old Town Lewisville named in his honor.
Ann Pomykal
Elected 4/85; Term Expired 4/87
Lewisville's first female mayor. Other service has included president of Greater Lewisville United Way, director of the TI Foundation, and many other civic roles.
Donny Daniel
Elected 4/87; Re-Elected 5/89; Term Expired 5/91
B.C. Groves
Elected 5/91; Term Expired 5/93
Bobbie J. Mitchell
Elected 5/93: Re-Elected 5/95, 5/97, 5/95; Resigned 1/00
Lewisville's first African-American mayor. Resigned to run a successful campaign for Denton County Commissioner, where she continues to serve today.
Clarence R. Myers
Appointed 1/00; Term Expired 5/00
Appointed to serve after Mayor Mitchell resigned until the next available election date.
Gene Carey
Elected 5/00; Re-Elected 5/01, 5/03, 5/06; Term Expired 5/09
Longest-serving mayor in Lewisville history.
Dean Ueckert
Elected 5/09; Re-Elected 5/12; Term Expired 5/15
Rudy Durham
2015 present
Elected 5/15
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