Lewisville Looks Back


Lewisville staff has visited with many long-time residents, who generously shared some of their stories about Lewisville. The short video clips listed on this page tell a few of the interesting and entertaining stories that have been collected. More will be added as we continue to capture some of the moments in time that have helped make Lewisville a great place to live, work, and visit.

Additional videos:

Route 66

Home Coming Floats - Ben Harmon

Oakridge Park Golf Course - Rob Veal

Winters at the Dam - Jane Franklin

International Pop Festival - Mayor Rudy Durham

Route 66 - James Polser

Bank Robberies - James Polser

Movie Theaters - James Polser

The City's Founding and Growth - James Polser

International Pop Festival - James Polser

We invite you to be a part of preserving and celebrating Lewisville's rich history. Watch for notices of future public open houses where you can share your stories, photos, and artifacts as part of the Lewisville Collection. City staff is able to make digital scans of photos, newspapers clippings, and documents at no charge to you -- you can donate or retain the originals. We also can make digital copies of old video, including home movies on reels, that show life in Lewisville "back in the day." To find out how you can add your memories to the Lewisville story, please email akays@cityoflewisville.com or call 972.219.8479.