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Strategic Plan


The City of Lewisville strategic planning process starts with determining where we stand and where we want to be. Where we stand is determined through fund summary presentations and review of 5 year financial plans. Where we want to be is determined through citizen input resulting in a Lewisville 2025 Plan, Council direction, and an internal, department-led SWOT Analysis. Finally, departments determine what specific, operational steps will be needed to achieve their objectives and they request funding for specific programs.

The Lewisville 2025 Plan drives many of the City’s initiatives and budget discussions as departments analyze the “big moves” to determine how they can help achieve the plan. These big moves function as the departmental objectives for the coming year. Following is a link to the Lewisville 2025 Plan. Each year, departmental and overall City progress is measured and publicized to our residents through the distribution of an annual report

To achieve the City’s mission, the City Council has set three strategic moves as follows:

  1. Being a Values Driven Organization - Implementing the Lewisville Way (Value People, Build Our Future, Serve Every Day); Maintaining a stable/high performance workforce; diverse; empowered employees; engaged residents
  2. Being a Data Driven City - Continual process improvement; controlling cost of service delivery; being a "nimble" city (via removal of bureaucratic barriers to creativity); being a city that is socially, technologically, and economically advances; innovation; long-term vision; financial stability
  3. Being a Connected City - Multi-modal connections (car, bike, rail, carpools, carsharing; fixed route/on demand services); quality transportation via roads, sidewalks, trails; Global thinking; connected through technology