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Loveable Old Town

During its annual retreat in February 2019, City Council looked at projects that could help make Old Town more loveable for residents and visitors. The slide show presentation below shows the projects that were discussed. Council directed city staff to prepare a $30,000 budget item for 2019-20 to pay for some of the Old Town projects, and to find other funding sources for a few items such as the linear pocket park and the Main Street sound system.


Projects under consideration for next year's budget include

  • retractable bollards on Charles Street
  • a landscaped western entrance to Old Town
  • hopscotch and other game stencils on the Church Street sidewalk
  • decorative crosswalks
  • vacant lot gallery
  • permanent display of a set of small-scale artworks
  • a privately managed Wine Walk
  • games in Wayne Ferguson Plaza
  • a "Before I Die" public chalkboard

Link to February 2019 City Council Retreat video

Summer/Fall 2020:

hippie Rabbit - Concept imageSmall-Scale Sculpture Series

The City of Lewisville has engaged the University of North Texas College of Visual Arts and Design to create a multi-unit, small-scale, sculpture series. The series will feature the Texas-native animal the rabbit, made into various anthropomorphic characters to portray historically significant events for the City of Lewisville. The series will include six sculptures in five different locations around Old Town.

Anticipated Completion and Installation: Fall 2020

Above image is a concept model submitted by one of the selected artists. Final design may differ from this early concept image.


June 2019:

snake 4Sidewalk games

Sidewalk games were added on sidewalk in front of Seven Mile Cafe and Twister Root: Hopscotch (traditional) - Alphabet Snake - Hop Balance Jump - Mirror Me -  "Psychedelic Orb" Hopscotch - Footprints (adult, child, dog)

The intent is to solidify the connection between Church Street and the rest of the Old Town core, encourage pedestrian traffic in the Old Town district, and add a colorful splash of fun for residents and visitors. It is a kind of love note from Lewisville to people in Old Town.

David Bearden is a husband, father, artist, teacher, and resident of Lewisville, TX. Bearden has been an artist for as long as he can remember. He holds a Bachelors and Masters in art education and has taught high school art for 20 years. Bearden works mostly in acrylic, spray paint and collage these days. He believes art is communication, experimentation, power and play.

Artist Statement: "I am honored to have collaborated with Denise Helbing, Performing Arts Manager at MCL Grand Theater, and James Kunke, Community Relations & Tourism Director, on the Old Town sidewalk hopscotch project. I love Lewisville, especially all the improvements to Old Town of the last several years. I am always looking for ways to invest in our wonderful town. Watching residents young and old play the new games makes me grateful for this opportunity. Thank you to all who helped,

This is one of the first projects (along with the chalk engagement walls) from that initiative. It was one of the highest rated potential Loveable Old Town projects in an online poll of residents conducted in March. Total cost is less than $2,000 and the paint is expected to last 3-5 years with regular touchups. 

March 2019:

A survey was done to find out what projects residents would like to see as part of Loveable Old Town. We received some good input, and work has started on several items.

The most popular items were a landscaped western entrance where Main and Church meet; decorative crosswalks at selected intersections; games in Wayne Ferguson Plaza; and hopscotch and other sidewalk markings on Church Street west of Charles.

Plans are developing for all four of those items. Residents and visitors should see some visible progress when they come out for Sounds of Lewisville summer concerts in June and July, with roll-out continuing through the rest of this year and into 2020.