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Registered Lobbyist

State officials are not always familiar with the intricacies of governing a city, and it can be extremely difficult for city officials (other than mayors of large cities such as Dallas or Houston) to establish direct lines of communication with state officials and Legislators. Letters and emails sent by the city to state officials often receive no response.

For that reason, Lewisville City Council has retained former State Rep. Burt Solomons as a registered lobbyist on behalf of the city. His duties include:
  • Helping the city draft and seek passage of bills important to Lewisville (usually one or two per session);
  • Communicating the city’s position on issues and bills to legislators, state officials, and state agencies.
  • Helping arrange meetings between city officials and state officials, and facilitating committee testimony by city representatives.
Solomons was first retained by City Council in April 2013. His current contract, executed in October 2017 and renewed annually since then.