Critical Issues

After the two pieces of local legislation, the highest tier of topics in the 2019 Legislative Agenda are six important legislative issues selected by City Council at a November 19, 2018, workshop. The six Critical Issues are:
The city strongly opposes any legislation that would restrict or hinder Lewisville’s ability to annex property currently located within its ETJ. While there might be some complaints about rapid annexation in other communities, Lewisville’s situation is unique in that the ETJ properties were designated more than 20 years ago, prior to residential development; this means all current residents in the city’s ETJ knew when they purchased their home that they would one day be annexed into Lewisville. In addition, the city already provides multiple city services to the ETJ properties by contract, and residents in the ETJ are given resident status for multiple city services such as recreation classes and arts center performances. Upon annexation, residents in the ETJ would immediately receive full city services and see a dramatic decrease in their annual property tax bill. Any measure that would restrict or hinder that annexation would harm those residents.
Interstate 35E through Dallas and Denton counties is one of the most congested highways in Texas, causing delays that negatively impact tens of thousands of Texas commuters and have a dampening impact on current and prospective business development. A comprehensive reconstruction of I-35E is planned, but only the smaller first phase has been funded. That work was completed in early 2017. The larger second phase has not been schedule nor funded at this time. The economic vitality of communities along I-35E, including Lewisville, relies on an interstate with sufficient capacity and safety measures. Full funding for the second phase of I-35E construction should be considered a top priority.