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Legislative Agenda

The 86th Texas Legislature convenes in January and is expected to consider legislation on a wide range of issues with a direct impact on municipal government in general and on Lewisville in particular.

Lewisville City Council adopted its 2019 Legislative Agenda on Dec. 19, setting the city’s priorities and key issues for the legislative session.

There are two specific pieces of legislation the city will actively pursue during the 2019 session. All two are described in greater detail on the Local Legislation page.

Other legislative priorities are divided into six main categories: Local Authority, Local Revenue, Parks Funding, Public Safety, Transportation, and Water. The common theme to all six categories is Lewisville’s belief that cities are the level of government most connected to, and thus most accountable to, the people they serve; as a result, the state should recognize and preserve local authority and support cities in their mission of providing quality local services to all Texans.

Within each broad Legislative Agenda topic, there is a list giving the city’s position on multiple sub-topics, some of them very specific to legislation filed for this session or in previous sessions. Because the legislative priorities are represented by six main topics, there is flexibility to allow emerging legislative issues to be addressed through one or more of those topics.

Updates will be posted throughout the 2019 legislative session, including all correspondence or committee testimony submitted by City officials related to bills or legislative issues.