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Lewisville closures related to public health emergency disaster declaration

Post Date:March 16, 2020
In compliance with the disaster declarations recently signed by Denton County Judge Andy Eads and Mayor Rudy Durham, due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 disease outbreak, the City of Lewisville announces the following closures and cancellations. All closures will be in effect for up to eight weeks through Sunday, May 10, and will be re-evaluated each week based on a current risk assessment.
  • Lewisville Public Library closes at 5 p.m. today and will remain closed through the emergency period. The drive-up window will remain open and library staff will remain accessible by phone or email.
  • Frederick P. Herring Recreation Center remains open but limited to 50 visitors at a time. Visitors must consent to being screened before being allowed to enter, and they are expected to limit their visit to no longer than two hours. The fitness room is closed. Operating hours have been shortened to 6:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, and 1-6 p.m. Sunday.
  • Programming at Frederick P. Herring Recreation Center is cancelled.
  • The Senior Activity Center, located inside Music City Mall, is closed and all senior related activities at Frederick P. Herring Recreation Center are cancelled.
  • The Visitor Information Center is closed.
  • All special events planned through May 10, are cancelled. That includes Paws in the Park, Funny Bunny, ColorPalooza, Mariposas, KTA Jam Session, and the Bassmaster fishing tournament. Attempts will be made to reschedule some activities where possible.
  • All events, city and private, scheduled through May 10 at Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater are cancelled. Attempts will be made to reschedule some performances where possible.
  • LLELA remains open, but all programming is cancelled.
  • League and tournament play on city athletic fields is suspended.
  • City parks, including boat ramps, remain open but pavilion and other rentals are cancelled. Refunds can be requested.
  • No new arrivals will be allowed at Lake Park campground, but current guests can remain in place at this time.

These facility and program closures and cancellations are being made following the recommendations of public health officials as a way to slow the spread of this disease outbreak. The city will maintain all functions necessary for the public health and safety. This includes police, fire, emergency medical, and water/sewer services.

The May 10 date is keeping with recent CDC recommendations to cancel all events where more than 50 people could attend for eight weeks. This date could change depending on the disease outbreak.

Lewisville Municipal Court also is making temporary changes to its operations under current emergency declarations and pursuant to the First Emergency Order Regarding The COVID-19 State of Disaster issued by the Court of Criminal Appeals.

All non-essential in-person court proceedings are suspended for up to eight weeks, through Sunday, May 10, with the status being evaluated weekly according to current risk assessments.

Defendants will receive notice by phone or email about the court closure and will receive a separate notice by phone or email when their case is rescheduled once court proceedings resume.

In the event an essential hearing is required, arrangements will be made to conduct hearings by teleconferencing, videoconferencing, or other means to protect the health and safety of all parties. Essential hearings include:

  • Any hearing with jurisdictional deadlines
  • Hearings related to Magistrate’s Orders for Emergency Protection
  • Article 17 Bond hearings
  • Any dispositive hearing where a defendant has requested a speedy trial or speedy disposition
  • Any other matter designated by the Court
Defendants are encouraged to use the online payment option on the “Pay Court Fines” page on The Court Clerk’s Office will remain open to process individual transactions until further notice. Attorneys representing clients are encouraged to contact the City Prosecutor’s office at 972.219.5068 to resolve uncontested matters and any agreements may be presented to the Court for disposition.

If defendants have questions about their individual case, they should call 972.219.3436.

Denton County Public Health will open a call center on Monday, March 16, for Denton County community members needing more information about COVID-19. You can reach the team at 940.349.2585 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and community members can call to obtain information about coronavirus or get questions answered.

The call center team will not be able to provide diagnosis or individual clinical advice. If you are ill, please contact your healthcare provider

Residents should watch the city website ( and our social media channels for any additional announcements.


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