Court Costs


In addition to a fine, state law mandates that the Court assess court costs. Court costs are assessed if you are found guilty at trial, if you plead no contest or nolo contendere, if your case is deferred for a driving safety course, or if disposition of your case is deferred and you are placed on probation. If you are found not guilty, no court costs will be assessed against you.

The court costs vary depending on the type of offense. You should check with the Court Clerk's Office to find out the amount that will be assessed in your case. If you request a trial and are found guilty, you may also be assessed the costs of overtime for a police officer spent testifying in the trial. If you request a jury trial, an additional $3 jury fee may be assessed and if a warrant was processed and/or served by a peace officer, an additional $50 may also be assessed.

Please be aware that personal checks are not accepted in payment of active warrants. Visa, mastercard, cash or money orders are the only methods of payment accepted to clear the warrant.