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Many years ago, the City of Lewisville was merely a stopping point along Highway 77 from Dallas to Denton and points north. As the area became popular and the population increased so did its needs, including the need for fire protection.

Then in 1904, a fire started in the chimney of a local store’s wood stove in an area of Lewisville we now proudly call Old Town. Downtown merchants rushed to put out the fire. They used a hand drawn water wagon and buckets, but the fire spread rapidly and several downtown buildings were lost. Their efforts were valiant, this due mainly in part to the fact that Lewisville has always been a community that helps those in need and is always there for their neighbors.

Lewisville became incorporated as a City in 1925 and in February of 1927, Jack Lewis was appointed as the City’s first Fire Marshal. During this time there was still no formal staff and a hand-cranked siren called Volunteers to help put out fires. In 1946, Baxter Hasten was appointed as the City’s first Volunteer Fire Chief.

The year 1932 came along and the City of Lewisville purchased their first Fire Engine and housed it in what is now the Old Well House, which was built in 1927. This building stands today as it did back then and is often photographed for it’s historical features. This building served as City Hall, the jail, and Firehouse 1 for approximately 24 years before construction began next door on a new Firehouse in 1950. Heading up the construction crew were Volunteer Fire Chief Frank Stockard, the 25 Volunteer Firemen working at night or in the off-hours from their regular jobs and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, F.C. Conner, who was also a contractor.

1964 brought about the hiring of the first full-time, paid Fire Chief, Isaac Bradbury, and was soon followed by several paid firefighters working eight-hour shifts during the day. One of those early paid firefighters was Danny Cobb, who also served as a Captain with the Lewisville Police Department.

In 1969, the Firehouse/City Hall constructed in 1950 was demolished and a new brick structure was erected that housed not only the administrative offices of the Fire Department but also the “shift” personnel. 

During the 1970's and at a time when the Volunteer Firefighter’s jobs began to take a toll on their availability, firefighters transitioned to 24-hour shifts, the Department began operating an ambulance service and our Central Fire Station was built. This allowed for staffing of firefighters on both sides of Interstate 35E.

Firehouse 3 opened in 1985 to serve south Lewisville. This house operated with a paramedic fire engine equipped with a 55 ft. telescoping ladder providing fire protection to the numerous multistory apartments being built in the area. Firehouse 4 soon followed in 1988 covering north Lewisville and housed fire engine number 4 and our Dive Rescue boat.

In 1998 our Central Fire Station was remodeled and Firehouse 2, built in 1969, was moved to Main Street in Old Town Lewisville. This same year, Firehouse 5 was built to serve the Waters Ridge area in southeastern Lewisville and housed fire engine number 5.

In May of 2000, Station 6 was dedicated and serves the eastern portion of Lewisville, which includes the Castle Hills neighborhood. This station houses a fire engine that is also equipped to handle medical emergencies with an Advance Life Support system on board.

Station 7 was opened in 2009. The ladder truck and Battalion Chiefs were relocated to this more central location on Texas Street along with Apparatus Maintenance.

The City has gone from a hand drawn water wagon and buckets to 6 fire engines, an aerial ladder truck, and 6 MICU Ambulances (Mobile Intensive Care Units). The days when volunteers were summoned using a hand-cranked siren have given way to a large staff of full-time paid firefighters, paramedics, a dive team, and administrative staff. Currently, the Department responds to life or property threatening calls over 9,000 times per year. Each new day provides the Lewisville Fire department with another page in our history book. 

The Lewisville Fire Department continuously strives to provide the best service and protection possible to our citizens. The future holds more growth for the Lewisville Fire Department with an eye towards protecting the safety and welfare of the citizens and businesses in Lewisville.

To the citizens of Lewisville and all of the past members of the Lewisville Fire Department, both volunteer and paid, thank you for providing us with a proud past and a bright future.


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