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Division of Operations

The Division of Operations is a large division within the Lewisville Fire Department.  We operate 7 fire stations.  Lewisville mans 6 fire engines, 1 tower ladder, 5 medics, and 1 Battalion Chief’s truck, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is backed by 3 reserve engines, 3 reserve medics, 1 reserve tower ladder. We also have 2 brush trucks for use in brush and wild land fires.  A Dive Rescue Unit, Backup Dive Rescue and wave runner are available to respond to drowning incidents.  Finally, 2 boats and a wave runner stand by to protect Lake Lewisville.  The Operations Division receives support from one Assistant Chief, a Division Chief of Training, Chief Engineer, Specialty Teams Coordinator, and our Reserve fire personnel. These different levels of support are in place to help insure effectiveness and efficiency in the department.

This division responded to 11,419 calls in 2015. The different types of calls responded to, range from emergency medical calls, structure fires, rescues, wild land fires, automobile accidents, boating accidents, drownings, alarm activations, lock outs, and includes a variety of other calls.













   9,993  10,441  11,419


These types of calls are covered by a staffing of 43 personnel on three different shifts, (A, B, and C) each day and with the placement of the 7 fire houses in different areas of the city, we are able to arrive on the scene of each call in an average of 4-6 minutes. These three shifts are also supported by 15 personnel that are assigned to the Administrative staff which works 7:30-5:30 Monday thru Thursday and 7:30-11:30 Friday, with some of the Chief Officers being on call to respond back on major incidents. All of the medics and fire trucks are equipped with Advanced Life Support equipment so that immediate patient care can be initiated by the first arriving unit. Also, with the placement of our houses and the timely arrival of our units, we are able to contain fires to their point of origin, thus reducing property loss to the owners and the surrounding occupants.

Fire companies throughout the city are responsible for daily apparatus checks and maintenance and for the care and upkeep of the fire houses. They are also responsible for a minimum of 240 hours of training each year that help to keep them current on new trends and help keep them working as a well-coordinated team.

Our Suppression and Rescue Operations Division is divided into 3 shifts (A, B and C) that operate on a 24/48 work schedule. Each fire house is run by a Captain on that shift, which oversees all activity at that house and on calls. The stations are also assigned certain areas of responsibility that they oversee. For instance, all Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) maintenance is done at Station 4. They take care of all records, maintenance, repair, and parts storage for SCBA in the department.

EMS is a large part of the Operations Division.  A Division Chief, 2 Billing Clerks, 3 EMS Captains and 15 Field Training Medics support this area.  The EMS Division provides training to maintain the certifications of our personnel and keep their skills sharp.  Working with our Medical Control Doctor, this Division maintains and updates our protocols to provide the highest level of patient care possible.

The Training Division is a branch of the Operations Division. This division oversees the yearly scheduling of all training activities. It keeps all records of training for our personnel and does the skills checks for yearly personnel reviews. This division is also responsible for the maintenance of our Fire Department Training Facility located on Treatment Plant Road.

Also falling under the Operations Division is our Dive Team Operations. This team is made up of members of the department that are Open Water certified, Dive Rescue I and II certified. This team not only responds to calls for service on Lake Lewisville, but will respond to any call for mutual aid in other bodies of water throughout North Texas. This team began with members of the department that volunteered to get certified on their own and use their own equipment to try and rescue drowning victims, while they could still be resuscitated. The department was eventually able to take this team under our budgetary wing and fund it as an operating part of our department. We now operate two Dive Rescue Units that are fully equipped with gear to affect a complete dive rescue operation and have two boats that are housed on the water at Lake Lewisville.

We have a Reserve Branch that falls under our Operations Division. This branch is made up of citizens that volunteer their time to help out in a number of ways. They man our rehab unit on large scale incidents, they assist with public education events such as our open house. They do incident scene photography, and help victims with salvage of personal belongings by manning our Citizens Support Unit.

As you can see, the Operations Division is multi-faceted and there are many responsibilities to take care of in a 24 hour period. If you are ever in need of our help, please do not hesitate to call 911 if it is an emergency, or if you simply have a questions or request you can call our business line at 972.219.3580.