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DHS/FEMA "Ready" Emergency Preparedness Campaign:


Federal Emergency Management Agency:

Center for Disease Control:

American Red Cross:

Texas Division of Emergency Management:

Smart Phone Applications

There are many different phone applications that offer push notification services during severe weather. Some are free and some cost money. Depending on your particular preference, these apps can be downloaded to your smart phone as a tool for weather warning information. Be sure to enable the push notification, and set it to an audible tone that would wake you up at night.

Here are a few examples of phone apps that offer push notification alerts for dangerous weather:

Local TV

One of the best ways to stay apprised of unfolding major emergency incidents, such as dangerous weather, is local TV. Depending on the situation regularly scheduled programming may be interrupted and local news officials can provide real-time coverage and reporting of very specific and actionable information. Check with your TV service provider for information on local channels.