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Thousands of years ago, native tribes established camps and villages in the area of modern-day Lewisville, drawn by abundant wildlife and the nearby Trinity River. The first large-scale anglo settlement came shortly before the Civil War with an influx of farmers and farm families. In fact, the location of the settlement was chosen in large part because of its proximity to the markets in Dallas where farmers could buy supplies and sell their excess crops.

The first common buildings erected by those early settlers were a school and a church, because they were not just creating a place to live, they were creating a home – a place to raise families and develop a community. Lewisville today continues to be a family-focused place.

Through 1960, Lewisville had grown somewhat slowly to a population of about 4,000 people. But as North Texas grew in the 60s, so did Lewisville, reaching nearly 10,000 residents by the 1970 Census. Rapid growth soon became the rule, sparked by the opening of DFW International Airport and aided by a building boom that made Lewisville one of the fastest-growing cities in the region. Today, Lewisville has a population of nearly 100,000 people.

Census records reveal a population that includes many multi-generational families and a high degree of diversity, reflective in many ways of Lewisville’s rural heritage. Like most growing cities, Lewisville struggled at times in its effort to blend many diverse cultures into one cohesive community. And yet, Lewisville was one of the first public school systems in Texas to integrate its student population back in 1963, and Lewisville was the first Denton County city to elect an African-American mayor (Bobbie Mitchell in 1993).

Business development and transportation growth have made Lewisville an employment center and a visitor destination, but at its heart the city retains its focus on families. Check out the information linked to this page for more about the Lewisville of old and the Lewisville of today.