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Temporary Food Establishment


temp food

Temporary Food Establishments

A valid permit issued by the regulatory authority is required to operate a temporary food establishment.

Examples of temporary food establishment events are parades, fairs, festivals, exhibits, block parties, street dances, carnivals, circuses, temporary commercial out-door amusements and sporting events. Temporary food establishment events may include a one-time grand opening event, charity sponsored function, or a U.S. nationally observed holiday.


Food vendors may operate a Temporary Food Service Establishment for up to ten (10) consecutive days. The cost to operate a Temporary Food Service Establishment is $50 for the first day plus $10 each additional day. Permit approval is contingent upon the nature of the Temporary Food Service event and the number of times Temporary Food Establishment permits have been issued for:

  1. the food vendor; and
  2. the location at which the vendor wishes to prepare and serve food 

Only six temporary food establishment events may be held at the same location or issued to the same permit holder in one calendar year, unless the event is a city-operated or city-sponsored event.

Additional information on Temporary Food Establishments Permits can be found in the Policy and Permit Requirements and the Guidelines for Temporary Food Establishments.