Food Handler/Food Manager


Food Handler Certification

City of Lewisville Code of Ordinances, Chapter 7, Article VII, Section 7-237 states in part:

  • Every person whose work brings him into contact with the handling of food, utensils, or food service equipment must possess a food handler's permit.
  • Every person who owns, manages, or otherwise controls any food service establishment shall not permit any person to be employed therein whose work brings him into contact with the handling of food, utensils or food service equipment who does not possess a valid food handler's permit within 45 days from the date of his employment. These permits shall be made available upon request by the city health division, therefore known as the regulatory health authority.
  • The owner/manager shall be responsible for the payment of the food handler's permits on a yearly basis.

** Many licensed programs offer both online and classroom food handler training.**

Certified Food Manager Training

Each food establishment is required to have at least one person in charge for each shift that is responsible for supervising food preparation and has a valid Food Protection Management Training Certificate. The Certified Food Manager Class is offered at various locations throughout the state. A course registry of the Certified Food Manager Accredited Training Programs is available for review and downloading at the Texas Department of State Health Services web site.