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Backflow Testing


The City of Lewisville has now partnered with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI Online) to assist in administering our cross-connection control program. All 3rd party backflow testers registered with the City of Lewisville will now be collecting a $25 fee in addition to their normal testing fee.

Setup an account and submit a test report

All completed test reports must be submitted online via BSI Online within ten (10) days of the test date.

Learn more about setting up a BSI account and submitting a test report. For questions regarding your backflow prevention device testing, please contact BSI Online at or at 800.414.4990. 

Backflow Tester Registration Application

Backflow test reports will be rejected by the Health Division if:

The tester is not currently registered to test backflow devices in the City of Lewisville. The tester's registration file contains expired credentials and/or backup documentation, such as: 
  • State Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester license
  • State Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Registration (if testing fire DCDAs), and/or
  • Gauge calibration test report.
Backflow Testers List: The Backflow testers list is an up to date list of all backflower testers who are currently registered with City of Lewisville.

**NOTE: Not all testers are licensed to test all types of backflow devices. Please refer to the last column of the report to determine if the backflow tester you select is licensed to test the device(s) at your home or business.**

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