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The members of the Lewisville Fire Prevention Division are proud and dedicated public servants who strive to provide a fire-safe community for our citizens, visitors, and businesses. To this end, we conduct an annual fire safety inspection on approximately 3,500 businesses, perform detailed plan review, and field inspections of all construction projects.  These inspections verify compliance with national and local codes and standards, and additional inspections are performed for safe and viable conditions at approximately 80 apartment complexes. The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for verifying the safety of our natural gas well sites. While these professionals serve behind the scene, as you never hear of the fire that didn’t happen, you can rest assured that through their efforts, Lewisville is a far safer community from the risk of fire.


Amendments 2015 Lewisville Fire Code Amendments Multi-Family Inspection Program Ordinance

Fire System Contractors

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  Day Care & Private School Code Requirements Checklist Auto Repair Code Requirements Checklist
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  25 Most Common International Fire Code Violations

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