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Single Family Rental Inspection Program


The City of Lewisville has an ordinance establishing a Single Family Rental Inspection Program, effective July 1, 2008. The program encompasses basic inspections of existing single family homes. No fee or registration for the program is currently required.

An inspection is triggered when the City receives notification by the owner/future tenant, the tenant/owner requests transfer of water services, or the City receives a complaint. Once the City is notified, an inspection of the property will be scheduled with the owner/tenant. Unless major life safety issues are found, a temporary Certificate of Occupancy will be issued even if other minor violations are found; that is, occupants can move in while minor violations are being resolved.

Areas covered under the inspection include:

  • Electrical Hazards (exposed conductors, electrical service panels)
  • Existing Plumbing (visible leaks, fixtures)
  • Interior Structure Conditions (walls, ceiling)
  • Smoke Detectors (located in required areas)
  • Foundation Conditions (cracks/breaks)
  • Stairs, Hand/Guardrail Condition
  • Roof/Gutter Condition (watertight & secure)
  • Exterior Surfaces (rotted, unpainted materials)
  • Exits From Home (including operable bedroom windows)
  • Chimney Conditions
  • Heating Equipment (water heater/furnace)
  • A/C Equipment Condition
  • Infestation (roaches, rodents, etc.)
  • Garbage & Debris (inside and outside)
  • Accessory Buildings (structural condition)
  • Fence Condition (rotted, upright position)
  • Driveway/Sidewalk Hazards (cracks, breaks)
  • Address Posted

The owner/tenant will have 10-30 days to resolve listed repairs (time limit based on complexity of repairs needed).

For more information, please contact the City of Lewisville Code Enforcement Division at 972.219.3470.