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Multi-Family Inspection Program



The purpose of the Multi Family Inspection Program is to ensure that every resident who resides in a multifamily community in Lewisville can feel safe about where they are living, and helps to make sure that these properties are maintaining acceptable levels of maintenance.

We also are involved in the construction process of new buildings.  A Fire Inspector will perform tests on the alarm and fire sprinkler systems of new construction, as well as walk through every single unit to check for any possible issue before residents are allowed to move in.

What do we Inspect?

When an inspector arrives to perform an inspection on the property, they are looking for such things as: making sure all fire and life safety systems are in place and working correctly, any building issues such as possible foundation issues, rotted wood, operable windows, etc.   We also check that all the plumbing, electrical, and heating/air conditional is functional.  When a property is inspected an inspector will go into at least one residential unit in each building and inspect things such as making sure light switches work, toilets flush, sinks drain, doors open and close properly, door locks work, the water heater electrical panel are working correctly and are safe, and look at the ceilings and walls for any possible issues. 

What if I have an issue?

Aside from the normal inspections, we also handle complaints regarding multifamily buildings.   When a complaint is received, the inspector will talk with you and will usually ask to come and visit you so we can observe the issue.   After seeing the issue, the inspector will discuss with the resident the options available to correct any issues that are found.   Most issues found can usually be corrected fairly quickly, but some issues do take awhile to be resolved.   Time frames for these issues are set forth in The Texas Property Code, or as dictated by an applicable City of Lewisville Code.