The 2018-19 budget season is in full swing and city staff would like to know how you would balance the budget.  Check out the Balancing Act online budgeting simulation tool to allocate funds with the goal of obtaining a balanced budget. The tool will be available through August 8 and the results will be presented at the Annual Budget Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 11.

Animal Services/Pet FAQs


Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • What can I do if I see an Egret on my own property?

  • Are impounded animals checked for microchips?

  • How do I adopt a dog or cat from the City animal shelter?

  • How do I get a dead animal picked up?

  • How do I get my pet back if it is picked up by animal services?

  • How do I obtain a City registration certificate and tag for my dog, cat, or ferret?

  • How do I report a pet I have found?

  • How do I report a pet I have lost?

  • How do I report an after hours animal related emergency?

  • How do I report an animal bite to a person?

  • How do I report an animal noise nuisance?

  • How long are animals kept at the animal shelter?

  • What are the restraint requirements for animals in Lewisville?

  • What happens after I report an animal bite to a person?

  • What vaccinations does my pet need?