Animal Ordinance

 Article I - In General
Sec. 3-1. Definitions
Sec. 3-2. Nuisance
Sec. 3-3. Offensive Exhibition
Sec. 3-4. Disposal of Deceased Animals or Remains
Sec. 3-5. Treatment
Sec. 3-6. Disposition of Cruelly Treated Animals
Sec. 3-7. Sale of Baby Fowl Unlawful
Secs. 3-8 to 3-20. Reserved

Article II - Administration
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 3-21. Impoundment
Sec. 3-22. Detaining of Stray Animals by Individuals
Sec. 3-23. Requirements to Redeem an Impounded Animal
Sec. 3-24. Elective Euthanasia
Sec. 3-25. Adoption
Sec. 3-26. Sterilization of Adopted Animal Required
Sec. 3-27. Confirmation of Sterilization Required
Sec. 3-28. Letter Required if Adopted Animal Dies
Sec. 3-29. Letter Required if Adopted Animal is Lost or Stolen
Sec. 3-30. Failure to Deliver Confirmation of Sterilization or Other Documents
Sec. 3-31. Reclamation of Adopted Animal
Sec. 3-32. Compliance with Animal Reclamation or Notice to Return Required
Sec. 3-33 to 3-44. Reserved

Division 2. Animal Services Officer
Sec. 3-45. Enforcement and Authority
Sec. 3-46. Providing False Identity or Address
Sec. 3-47. Interference
Sec. 3-48. Tampering with Traps
Sec. 3-49. to 3-50. Reserved

Division 3. Animal Services Advisory Committee
Sec. 3-51. Membership, Terms, Appointments
Sec. 3-52. Qualifications, Compensation, Vacancy of Membership
Sec. 3-53. Meetings
Sec. 3-54. Officers
Sec. 3-55. Powers and Duties
Sec. 3-56. to 3-60. Reserved

Article III. Miscellaneous
Division 1. Generally
Sec. 3-61. Stray Animals
Sec. 3-62. Animals at Large
Sec. 3-63. Maximum Number of Animals
Sec. 3-64. Tying of Animals
Sec. 3-65. Prohibited Animals - Possession
Sec. 3-66. Same - Notice to Remove
Sec. 3-67. Same - Notification of Relocation Required
Sec. 3-68. Same - Appeal of Notice to Remove
Sec. 3-69. Same - Seizure
Secs. 3-79 to 3-80. Reserved

Division 2. Licenses, Permits and Registration
Sec. 3-81. Proof of Current Registration Required - Animals
Sec. 3-82. Same - Guard Dogs
Sec. 3-83. Replacing Lost Tags
Sec. 3-84. Current Permit Required - Potbellied Pigs
Sec. 3-85. Same - Agricultural Animals
Sec. 3-86. Same - Regulated Animals
Sec. 3-87. Transfer of Registration or Permit
Sec. 3-88. Prohibited Animal Exhibitor's Permit
Sec. 3-89. Same - Revocation
Sec. 3-90. State License Required for Circuses, Carnivals, or Zoos
Sec. 3-91. State Registration Required for Riding Stables
Sec. 3-92. Educational Exemption Permit Required
Sec. 3-93. to 3-100. Reserved

Division 3. Dangerous Dogs
Sec. 3-101. Owner Defined
Sec. 3-102. Secure Enclosure
Sec. 3-103. Confinement and Restraint
Sec. 3-104. Current Liability Insurance Required
Sec. 3-105. Current Dangerous Dog Registration Required
Sec. 3-106. Tag to be Displayed
Sec. 3-107. Report of Attack Required
Sec. 3-108. Unprovoked attacks
Sec. 3-109. Reporting a Dangerous Dog Incident
Sec. 3-110. Dangerous Dog Determination Hearing
Sec. 3-111. Defenses to Prosecution

Division 4. Dogs that Cause the Death of or Serious Bodily Injury to a Person
Sec. 3-112. Seizure of a Dog Causing Death of or Serious Bodily Injury to a Person
Sec. 3-113. Hearing
Sec. 3-114. Destruction of Dog
Sec. 3-115. Provocation or Location of Attack Irrelevant

Division 5. Dogs that Attack Other Animals
Sec. 3-116. Reporting Attacks on Other Animals
Sec. 3-117. Hearing
Sec. 3-118. Requirements for Owners of Dogs that are a Danger to Other Animals
Sec. 3-119. to 3-125. Reserved. 

Article IV. Rabies Control
Sec. 3-126. Proof of Current Vaccination Required
Sec. 3-127. Official Vaccination Certificate to be Issued and Retained
Sec. 3-128. Use and Sale of Vaccine Restricted
Sec. 3-129. Report of Suspected Animals
Sec. 3-130. Report of Animal Bite Required
Sec. 3-131. Quarantine or Testing
Sec. 3-132. Failure to Comply with Quarantine or Testing Requirements
Sec. 3-133. Exposed Animals
Sec. 3-134. Failure to Comply with Requirements for Exposed Animals
Sec. 3-135. Equine Vaccination Required
Sec. 3-136. Area Quarantine
Sec. 3-137 to 3-150. Reserved 

Article V. Agricultural Animals
Sec. 3-151. Restricted Premises
Sec. 3-152. Keeping Swine in City Prohibited
Sec. 3-153. Commercial Feedlot or Concentrated Feeding Operation
Sec. 3-154. Areas Prohibited

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