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Stormwater Utility


In October 2017, the City of Lewisville City Council through ordinances declared stormwater drainage a Public Utility and providing for the establishment and calculation of stormwater drainage utility charges and credits. The rules for the use, operation, and financing of the City’s Stormwater Drainage Utility was approved in November 2017.

What is Stormwater

When land is developed into buildings, roads and parking lots, rainfall runs off these impervious areas and creates ever increasing volumes of rapidly moving water which can carry pollutants, erode streams and cause flooding concerns.

Impervious area: A surface that has been compacted or covered with a layer of material so that it is resistant to ground infiltration by water

Every property in the city contributes to stormwater runoff, and therefore every property should support the improvements, operation and maintenance of stormwater drainage systems in an equitable manner.

 Stormwater Runoff Pic


 What is a Stormwater Utility?

Like street projects, drainage projects are looking to repair and maintain the various public drainage infrastructures that run throughout our city.  Currently, drainage projects are funded by the city’s general fund, but by setting aside funds for the specific purpose of maintaining public infrastructure, the city can assess and complete projects with more efficiency.

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The Texas Local Government code provides Municipalities the opportunity to utilize funding mechanisms (fees) for paying for drainage projects, stormwater public education, operation and maintenance of existing stormwater systems. 

Benefits to the City

  • Repairing and maintaining public infrastructure
  • Maintaining public safety and health
  • Beautification of the city with business-backed practices
  • Creation of habitats and ecosystems throughout the city
  • Lowering long-term costs to taxpayers.

 Why is a Stormwater Utility Fee Needed?

The city has identified $33.7 million in necessary drainage improvements for the next 10 years, including $10 million for projects slated to begin in the next 3 years. Some of those projects involve areas where water has gotten into homes and businesses, or caused temporary closure of streets and bridges.  

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