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Water Meter Replacement Program


City begins four-year process of replacing residential water meters

The City of Lewisville is beginning a four-year process to replace all residential water meters. 

As water meters age, they become less reliable, less accurate, and more costly to repair. Industry standard is to replace water meters every 15 to 20 years. These new meters will not be digital smart meters. 

The City has hired Hydro Pro Solutions to oversee this project. PMI, a subcontractor for Hyrdo Pro, will be doing the actual meter replacements. This work will be done in stages, focusing on different areas of the city. When a specific area is chosen, PMI will post signs around the area letting everyone know the work is underway. An informational door hanger will be placed on the front doors in that area letting homeowners know their meters will be changed in the next 48-96 hours. 

There is no cost to homeowners for this meter replacement.  

Residents do not need to be home when the water meter replacement takes place. Workers from PMI will do all the work outside and will have no need to go inside the house. Residents in the selected area will be asked to ensure water meters behind locked gates are accessible and unobstructed.

Residents at home during the replacement may experience a temporary interruption of their water service. PMI crews will attempt to limit this interruption by doing the replacement at a time of low or no water usage.

Once installation is complete, the crew will test the new meter to ensure it is working properly. Residents might see a difference in their water bill if the existing water meter has been under-reporting due to age and usage. Under-reporting is a problem common to older meters. For billing questions, please contact Utility Billing at 972.219.3440.

Additional information can be found by clicking the FAQ link below. If you have a question that has not been answered, please call Meter Service Supervisor Tim Holt or ULM Manager James Wallingsford at 972.219.3510. This number also serves as an after-hours emergency number.