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Environmental Control Services

The Environmental Control Services (ECS) Division monitors local industrial users and indirect discharges to Lewisville’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). Their efforts ensure compliance with the requirements of Lewisville’s Industrial Pretreatment Program and applicable Federal Pretreatment requirements, which include:
  • Protecting the POTW from pollutants which may cause interference with the treatment plant operations;
  • Preventing the introduction of pollutants that could cause the pass through of pollutants to the body of water that receives the plant’s discharge;
  • Managing pollutant discharges to the POTW to improve potential beneficial reuse of the POTW treated water and residual sludge;
  • Protecting the public, the environment and worker health and safety by preventing the introduction of pollutants that present a potential threat.

Industrial users produce wastewater which may contain pollutants that could affect the Wastewater Treatment Plant or its employees if it were discharged directly to the sewer system. Industrial users are required to be permitted and treat the wastewater to within designated parameters before it is discharged into the city sewer system.

Please contact the ECS Supervisor at 972.219.3548 for information about permits.

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