The 2018-19 budget season is in full swing and city staff would like to know how you would balance the budget.  Check out the Balancing Act online budgeting simulation tool to allocate funds with the goal of obtaining a balanced budget. The tool will be available through August 8 and the results will be presented at the Annual Budget Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 11.

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How are we doing? We have provided links to the left that allow online submission of an officer commendation as well as how to file a complaint against an officer.


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It is the policy of the Lewisville Police Department to embrace the tenets of community policing and engage the community in a positive and trusting manner.  Community involvement is essential to the successful operation of any police department.  Without the assistance and acceptance of the community, a police agency’s effectiveness will not reach its full potential.  Whenever possible, all avenues should be utilized in promoting the respect and cooperation of the public we serve.   It is the goal of the Lewisville Police Department to promote good relationships with the public and this goal can be facilitated by professional conduct and effective community outreach.    The Lewisville Police Department is committed to seeking out constructive community outreach programs that provide opportunities for members of the community and the police department to come together.  Seeking community feedback, and just as important - following up on the feedback, is crucial to the success of police community relations.  The Lewisville Police Department is committed to actively seeking community feedback and whenever viable options for improvement can be found – to act on those findings.  This survey is one such tool to seek that citizen feedback.