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NRO - Neighborhood Resource Officers

Neighborhood Resource Officers (NRO)

What is an N.R.O.?
N.R.O. stands for Neighborhood Resource Officer. The City of Lewisville is geographically divided into police response districts. There is at least one Neighborhood Resource Officer assigned to each district.

What does that mean to you?
It means that when you have a non-emergency police concern in your neighborhood, you know who to call for help or information. Your Neighborhood Resource Officer is dedicated to improving the quality of life in your neighborhood.

Should I call my N.R.O. if I have an emergency?
No, the N.R.O. may not be immediately available to respond. The officer may be assisting another citizen or working other hours. You should always dial 9-1-1 if there is an immediate need for police, fire or emergency medical services.

How can I find out who my N.R.O. is?
Easy. Call 972.219.3668 (Police Administration) and tell our representative where you reside in Lewisville. We will provide you with the name and telephone number of your N.R.O., or you may use our interactive map (type in your address and find your N.R.O. information).

Sgt. Steve Dickens
Office: 972.219.5009

District 1 - Officer Greg Hopper
Office: 972.219.5008

District 2 - Officer Rachel Roberts

Office: 972.219.3663

District 3 - Officer Marni Hull
Office: 972.219.5002

District 4 - Officer J.T. Flores
Office: 972.219.5031

What does my N.R.O. do for me?

The N.R.O. works with citizens, civic groups, schools, and any other organizations in organizing and evaluating effective crime prevention programs. The N.R.O. responds to individual requests for assistance that do not require emergency response. The N.R.O. is a liaison between the community and the Lewisville Police Department, establishing a partnership between individuals or groups and the Police Department.

What can the N.R.O. do for local business?
The Neighborhood Resource Officer is responsible for helping local businesses. Your N.R.O. can help coordinate education, information and instruction on shoplifting, fraud, bad checks and robbery, as well as how to create a safe working environment. Each N.R.O. is trained to provide crime prevention surveys for businesses, which may deter future crime.

Who do I call when I have a question about Police services?
Of course, if you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1, but if your questions concern the various services provided by the Police Department, please call your N.R.O.

If your question concerns the manner in which the police service was rendered, then we encourage you to call the Watch Commander on duty and discuss that concern. The Watch Commander on duty can be reached at 972.219.3645.

What is Neighborhood Watch?
Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to encourage neighbors to help neighbors. Know your neighborhood and your neighbors and band together to report unusual activity. Neighborhood Watch programs serve many purposes. They provide a networking structure for neighbors to communicate with each other, and in so doing, create a safer neighborhood. Through scheduled meetings, a forum is provided where citizens can be educated about crime trends, crime patterns, and crime prevention tips. It also allows a time for citizens to educate the Police Department and the City of Lewisville as to those areas of concern which they feel should be addressed by the City.

Neighborhood Resource Officers are also qualified to inspect your home and evaluate your current level of security based on types and condition of doors, windows, lighting, locking hardware and alarm systems.

Neighbor Vitality

Neighbor Vitality is one of the mechanisms to reach the goals and objectives under “Thriving Neighborhoods”, one of the nine Big Moves outlined in the Lewisville 2025 vision plan, which was developed with input from hundreds of residents and adopted by the Lewisville City Council in July 2014.