Criminal Investigation Section


Investigation Division

The Investigation Division, commanded by a Captain Jesse Hunter, provides crime scene support and follow-up investigation on all open cases. Investigations includes Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against Persons (includes juvenile crime and crime scene technician), Sex Offender registration, Narcotics, and Street Crimes (includes Gang officers).

CID 2017


Crimes Against Property

The Crimes Against Property detectives are supervised by Sergeant Chris Clements. These detectives primarily investigate cases involving burglary, criminal mischief, theft, and fraud. There are currently nine detectives assigned to this unit.

Crimes Against Persons, Juvenile Crimes, and Crime Scene

Crimes Against Persons, Juvenile Crimes and the Crime Scene Unit are supervised by Sergeant Chris Kemp.

The detectives assigned to Crimes Against Persons primarily investigate cases involving murder, assaults, robberies, and harassment. There are currently five detectives assigned to this unit.

Juvenile Crimes are investigated by two assigned detectives. These investigations involve crimes that are committed against juveniles or crimes committed by juveniles.

Crime Scene consists of one crime scene technician. The technician processes crime scenes associated with the more serious crimes in the city.

Sex Offender Registration

The Criminal Investigation Section is also responsible for maintaining information regarding registered sex offenders. This information is maintained by Leslie Peck, the Sex Offender Registrar. She can be contacted by email or at 972.219.3620 in order to answer any questions.

According to Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, information collected regarding sex offenders who were under supervision on or after September, 1997, is now public information with the following exception:

  1. Offender's social security number
  2. Offender's drivers license number
  3. Information that would identify the victim of the offense for which registration is required.

Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure further provides that local authorities, including the Lewisville Police Department, are immune from liability regarding release of information as provided by this article.

Information on registered sex offenders is also available from the State of Texas, Department of Public Safety, Sex Offender Database. Residents may input and address and obtain a list of sex offenders in the specified geographic area.

Street Crimes/Gang

The Street Crimes unit is managed by Sergeant Ken Naffziger. Street Crimes currently has six detectives assigned to the group. Street Crimes works closely with crime analysis to identify patterns of organized crime and violence. The officers attempt to prevent crime from occurring as well as employing proactive methods to capture criminals in the act.

Two detectives are currently assigned as our Gang Intelligence officers. Their duties are to compile information on gangs in the area that may impact the citizens of Lewisville. Both Gang Intelligence Officers work closely with other officers of our department as well as area departments to compile and share intelligence. They also work closely with detectives when gang members are accused of committing crimes.


Narcotics is managed by Sergeant Dan Coltrain and currently has five detectives assigned to the group, including one assigned to the DEA. This group is tasked with making a positive impact upon local illicit drug trafficking and drug abusers to decrease the availability of controlled substances within our community.