Support Bureau


Support Bureau - Assistant Chief Jay Powell

Assistant Chief Jay Powell commands the Support Bureau. Chief Powell began his career with the Lewisville Police Department as a patrol officer in 1994 and rose through the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain to his current position. Powell’s previous assignments at the Police Department include Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator, Recognition Program Manager, and SWAT Team member.

Chief Powell holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Accounting from the University of North Texas, graduating in 1993. He is a graduate of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration’s “School of Police Supervision” and “Management College.” Chief Powell graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “National Academy” in 2016.

The Support Bureau includes Criminal Investigations (Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against Persons, Juvenile Crimes, Crime Scene, Crime Analysis, Narcotics, Street Crimes, and Gang), Support Administration (Jail, Property and Evidence, Training, Court Liaison, and Quartermaster), and Support Operations (Recognition Program, Fleet Services, Traffic, K-9, Neighborhood Resource Officers, School Resource Officers, and Parking Enforcement).  Criminal Investigations, Support Administration, and Support Operations are each led by a Captain.  Assistant Chief Powell directly oversees Background Investigations and the Budget.

Support Administration Division – Captain Dan Rochelle

Captain Dan Rochelle manages sworn and civilian employees in this division.  Captain Rochelle can be reached at or at 972.219.3667.  The Support Administration Division includes the following functions:

Municipal Jail

The Lewisville Municipal Jail is a 52-bed temporary holding facility. The jail is authorized six Detention Supervisors and 15 Detention Officers who staff the front desk and the jail 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These employees assist the public at the desk by taking reports, giving information, and providing other types of customer service. Detention Officers staff the jail around the clock to provide supervision and custody of prisoners in the facility.

Warrant Section

The warrant section is comprised of three sworn peace officers. These officers attempt to locate people who owe fines to the Lewisville Municipal Court. These officers are directly supervised by a Sergeant.

Property/Evidence Section

The Property/Evidence Section is comprised of three property technicians and a supervisor, all of which are civilian employees. These technicians are responsible for the safekeeping and chain of custody of every item turned into the section. During a typical month, these technicians process approximately 1,000 pieces of new evidence into the section. The Property/Section supervisor is Shauna Walker, and she can be reached at 972.219.3676 or


The Lewisville Police Department has its own police academy approved by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). This enables the department to provide in-service training to all members of the police department. TCOLE mandates each peace officer receive a minimum of 80 hours in a training cycle, and each cycle consists of two training units. Officers must receive at least 40 hours of training during each training unit. Certain legislatively mandated coursed must be completed during the training cycle. The Training Division is also responsible for the Citizen’s Police Academy Program. Please follow the link to the left to learn more about the CPA Program. The Training Division is housed at the Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center and can be reached at the following:

Officer Alvin Bilby: 972.219.3783 or

Sergeant Bill Wawro: 972.219.3608 or

K-9 Teams

The Canine Unit is comprised of two teams: Officer Shane Menz and his police service dog, Cziko, and Officer Pat Robey and his police service dog, Stryker. Our award-winning canine unit is available to the police department to detect narcotics and to track missing persons and eluding suspect. As one might suspect, these two officers become very close to their canine partners and provide an excellent resource to other Lewisville Police officers in the course of their normal duties. This unit is under the command of Sergeant Bill Wawro of the Training Unit.

SWAT and HNT Teams

SWAT is the abbreviation for Special Weapons and Tactics. HNT is the abbreviation for Hostage Negotiation Team. The Lewisville Police Department is proud to provide its citizens with fully-functioning SWAT and Hostage Negotiations Teams. They are capable of responding to virtually any emergency we are likely to encounter in a modern, urban environment. Members of the two teams train together on a regular basis in addition to performing their regular police duties. The two teams come from a wide variety of assignments from within the department. The SWAT team is comprised 18 officers and two sergeants, one of which is the commander. HNT is comprised of three officers and two sergeants, one of which is the commander. 

Investigations Division – Captain Jesse Hunter

The Investigation Division provides crime scene support and follow-up investigation on all open cases. Investigations is divided into multiple sections, each of which is led by a Sergeant.  Investigations includes the following units: Crimes Against Property, Crimes Against Persons (includes juvenile crime and crime scene technician), Narcotics, and Street Crimes (includes Gang officers). Captain Hunter can be reached at or 972.219.3537.

Crime Analysis

The Department’s Crime Analyst also reports directly to Captain Hunter. The Crime Analysis unit is staffed by a single Public Safety Data Technician, Robin Brizendine, who provides statistical support to all divisions and sections of the police department. Mrs. Brizendine joined the department in May 2013 and is a former police officer. She will perform data analysis using real-time crime data from the department's records management system, computer-aided dispatch system, and jail system. Mrs. Brizendine may be reached at 972.219.5085 or by e-mail.

The Police Department reports statistics to the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Texas Department of Public Safety, and to the members of the City Council each month. These statistics help provide benchmarks for us in determining the amount of local crimes being reported. To compare our department's figures against other agencies, go to the FBI Homepage and look for the NIBRS or Uniform Crime Report or visit the DPS Homepage for state crime reports. The Police Department also partners with LexisNexis  to provide up to date crime data and crime mapping. The LexisNexis Community Crime Map is available to the public and can provide historical data for the city, or a specific neighborhood.

Support Operations Division – Captain Chris Butterworth

The Support Operations Division is managed by a Captain and oversees fleet services, wrecker contract, the Recognition Program, crossing guards, the Traffic Unit, and the Resource Unit.  The Traffic Unit and Resource Unit are each directly led by a Sergeant.  The Resource Unit includes Neighborhood Resource Officers, School Resource Officers, and Parking Enforcement. Captain Butterworth can be reached at or 972.219.5137.

Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is assigned to the Support Operations Division. The Traffic Unit, supervised by Sergeant Paul Barron, contains 10 sworn officers. The traffic unit focuses on the investigation of crashes and the enforcement of traffic laws. The Unit also has a commercial vehicle enforcement officer whose objective is to reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of motor carrier safety regulations.

Resource Unit

The Resource Unit is led by Sergeant Gordon Blair. The unit consists of Neighborhood Resource Officers, School Resource Officers, and Parking Enforcement.

The Neighborhood Resource Officer Unit currently has 4 officers. These officers work with citizens and businesses in their assigned areas on special problems as well as assisting with Neighborhood Watch Programs. Officers have the ability to conduct crime prevention surveys at residential or business properties.  More information is available on the Neighborhood Resource Officer Unit page.

The School Resource Officer Unit provides police presence on LISD school property in order to assist administrators in controlling criminal activity, provide a resource on campus to conduct presentations on law enforcement topics and to be a visible deterrent. There are 9 officers assigned to this Program. More information is available about the officers and the School Resource Officer Unit page.

Texas Police Chief’s Recognition Program

The Law Enforcement Recognition Program is a voluntary process where police agencies in Texas prove their compliance with 164 Texas Law Enforcement professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk and the protection of individual’s rights. The Texas Legislature demands a great deal of professional law enforcement in Texas, and the Best Practices were specifically designed to aid Texas agencies in meeting those demands and providing the best quality of service to the people of our State. Since its inception in 2006, over 50 Texas Law Enforcement Agencies have been “Recognized” and many more are currently in the process to become Recognized Agencies. The Texas Best Practices Recognition Program has clearly become the new Gold Standard for Texas Law Enforcement! The Lewisville Police Department is proud to be one of the 50 recognized agencies. LPD has been recognized since February 2010.