The 2018-19 budget season is in full swing and city staff would like to know how you would balance the budget.  Check out the Balancing Act online budgeting simulation tool to allocate funds with the goal of obtaining a balanced budget. The tool will be available through August 8 and the results will be presented at the Annual Budget Workshop on Saturday, Aug. 11.

Police Bureaus


Police Coin front


The Lewisville Police Department is made up of Four Bureaus.

The Administrative Services Bureau is headed by Assistant Chief Powell and includes Budget, Professional Standards, Support (Fleet, Public Information, and Recognition Program), and Training (SWAT and HNT).

The Patrol Operations Bureau is headed by Assistant Chief Deaver and includes Day and Night Patrol, Patrol Administration (Traffic Enforcement, Canine and Special Events), and Crime Analysis.

The Community Services Bureau is headed by Assistant Chief Taylor and includes the Criminal Investigation Division and the Special Operations Division (Narcotics, Gang, Street Crimes, Neighborhood Resource and School Resource).

The Technical Services Bureau is headed by Manager Lyons and includes Dispatch, Records, and Technology Services.