Online Police Reports


If you are reporting a police related incident that is an emergency, please call 911.

If you are reporting a non-emergency police incident, please call 972.219.3640 or file a police report online.

Police Online Reporting System

The following reports are available online.

  • Additional Crime Information
  • Burglary
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Forgery
  • General Police
  • Graffiti*
  • House Watch Request
  • Lost Property
  • Noise Disturbance (non-emergency)
  • Theft Report
  • Vandalism/Damaged Property
  • Vehicle Break-In

* The Graffiti reporting hotline number is 972.219.5010. Those calling the graffiti, or "tagging", hotline will be directed to a voicemail box instructing the caller to press “0” if the crime is in progress, or to leave a message with details of the site that has been tagged. In-progress reports will be transferred directly into dispatch. Those leaving details of a graffiti location will be asked to leave a name and telephone number in case the LPD needs to contact them for additional information, but it is not required in order to leave a location.

The fee for non-certified motor vehicle crash reports retrieved from the police department Records Section is $6. A certified copy of a crash report (from Records Division only) is $8. The Record Division accepts cash or check only.

Download a copy of the Accident Report request form.  You may fill out the form and bring it in person to the Records office during business hours or mail it with your payment.  Once the payment has been processed, the Records office will either mail a copy to you, or email it,  if you have provided an valid email address.  Certified copies will be mailed only.