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Seasonal Safety Issues

While In Your Car...

Keep your car in good running condition to avoid breakdowns. If your car does break down, raise the hood and tie a white rag to your radio antenna. Stay in your car and keep the doors locked. If someone stops, ask them to go telephone the police or a service station for you. Do not exit the vehicle for anyone that you do not know. Roll down the window enough to talk to whoever stops to help. Always carry emergency change for cab or bus fare, or for a telephone call. Cellular phones are a good investment for security and safety. And if you see another motorist in trouble, signal that you will get help and then go to a telephone and call the police.

Plan your route in advance, particularly on long or unfamiliar trips. Have enough gas and money to get there and back. Drive with all car doors locked and keep your windows rolled up. And never pick up hitchhikers.

Park in well-lighted areas that will still be lighted when you return. Be particularly alert and careful when using underground and enclosed parking garages. Lock your doors and be sure and check underneath your car and inside before entering.

You can help reduce car burglaries by following these simple rules:
  • Lock your car. An unlocked vehicle is an open invitation to a car thief. Be sure to lock all points of entry into your vehicle and shut tight any windows including the vent or wind-wing windows.
  • Place your packages out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Thieves don’t want to waste time breaking into your car if they aren’t guaranteed a bargain!
  • Park your vehicle in well-lit areas at night.
  • Remove valuable possessions from the car. Items like cell phones, PDAs, IPOD's, jewelry, garage door openers, cameras, laptops and the bags you carry them in are just as enticing to a thief. NEVER leave your purse or wallet in your vehicle!
  • Don’t use the trunk of your vehicle to hide your holiday presents. Take ALL valuables into your home. If someone does enter your vehicle, they will take all your gifts from the trunk!
  • Use a secondary anti-theft device if you own one.
  • Lock it up, out of sight!