Police Recommend “Lock, Take, and Hide”

lock take hide

Drivers are urged to not leave valuables in their vehicles, regardless of how short a time period they will be away from their car. The Lewisville Police Department continues to take burglary reports regarding cars that are broken into at locations such as fitness centers, day cares, parks, restaurants, parking lots, streets, and driveways. Targeted items include purses, wallets, small electronics, and GPS devices.

A vehicle burglary takes only seconds to occur and the expenses involved are often more than just the value of the items stolen. It also takes time and money to replace broken windows or damaged lock mechanisms. Additionally, the nightmare that the bad guys create with stolen credit cards and checks can take months to straighten out. Always lock your car, take your keys, and hide your valuables from prying eyes. The Lewisville Police Department strongly suggests that the best way to hide your valuables is to take them with you, as thieves are very familiar with common hiding places.