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Project Description:

The City of Lewisville Land Development Code (Chapter 6), Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 17) and Old Town Development Code (Chapter 9.5) have not been holistically reviewed and reassessed since their adoption, though updates have been made periodically to appropriate sections.  The purpose of this update is to:

  • facilitate the implementation of Lewisville 2025 and Small Area Plans
  • facilitate new forms of development
  • make redevelopment easier
  • make the ordinances more user friendly
  • create a more business friendly development process
  • eliminate existing conflicts between codes
  • incorporate best practices in development regulation

For those that could not make the Oct. 10 Community Open House, an online survey has been developed so additional comments can be submitted.


The project is organized into four major phases.  

1. Community engagement and project management (ongoing)

2. Assessment of existing ordinances

3. Zoning Ordinance Update

4. Land Development Code Update


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