Bounce Houses in Our Parks


Bounces houses and other inflatables are permitted in City parks provided the following guidelines are met:

1.  The bounce house must be self-sustaining.  It must be operated by a generator; using City electricity to power any type of inflatable device is prohibited.

2.  The bounce house delivery vehicle may not drive on unpaved areas or on sidewalks.  The bounce house and other equipment must be transported to the preferred location within the park by a dolly or some means other than a motorized vehicle.

3.  Bounce houses must be monitored for safety at all times.

4.  No water slides or inflatables using water are allowed.

Bounces houses or other inflatables are not permitted at any of the City's Athletic Complexes without prior approval.  This approval can only be granted through the Parks & Recreation Department Administration Office which can be reached by calling 972.219.3550.

bounce house