Rental, Utility and Homeless Services


The City of Lewisville currently does not offer direct rental or utility assistance but there are some local programs.

You may contact Christian Community Action and make an appointment to determine if you are eligible to receive services.

Christian Community Action (CCA)
200 S. Mill Street
Lewisville, TX 75057
Phone: 972.436.4357

You may contact the Lewisville Salvation Army for  services concerning their food pantry.

Lewisville Salvation Army
207 Elm Street
Lewisville, TX 75057
Phone: 972.353.9400

For utility assistance and weatherization needs try Community Services, Inc.

Community Services, Inc.
189 Elm Street
Lewisville, TX 75057
Phone: 1.800.831.9929

Section 8

The City of Lewisville does not operate a public housing authority. Through local agreement, the Denton Housing Authority (DHA) handles all requests and information for Section 8 and similar programs. The DHA is located at:

Denton Housing Authority
1225 Wilson Street
Denton TX, 76205
Phone: 940.383.1504

Homeless Services

The Denton Salvation Army operates a homeless shelter. The phone number for the shelter is 940.566.3800.
The Lewisville Salvation Army serves lunch Monday through Friday. Please contact the Lewisville Salvation Army at 972.353.9400 for more information.

Contact the City of Lewisville at:
Old Town City Hall (2nd Floor, West Wing), 151 W. Church Street
Lewisville, Texas, 75057

Mailing Address:
Grants Office
P.O. Box 299002
Lewisville, TX 75029-9002

Jamey Kirby, Grants Coordinator - 972.219.3780 or
*Housing Rehabilitation Program, C.D.B.G. Contractor Relations, Compliance Reporting
*First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program, Social Service Agency Relations, Performance Monitoring