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What is Teen Court?


Deterring Teens from Unlawful Behavior
Teen Court is a alternative, voluntary program that offers young offenders an opportunity to make restitution for an offense through community service, specialized classes, and jury service, allowing them to avoid fines and keep their record clear. Teens are brought before a jury of their peers, who sentence them to constructive community service and jury duty.

This program seeks to deter teens from future unlawful behavior, while providing direct experience in the judiciary system and an understanding of their future role as a productive citizen.

Participating in Teen Court
A youth who has committed a Class C misdemeanor within the city limits and issued a citation may request to participate in the Teen Court program.

The youth will then comply with the following requirements:

  1) Appear in Municipal Court and pleads guilty or no contest
  2) Pay a non-refundable $20 fee
  3) Meet with the Teen Court Coordinator