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How to Volunteer for Teen Court


Students enrolled in Middle or High School, age 13 -18, who attend school or reside in the greater Lewisville area are eligible to become volunteers in the Teen Court program.

Potential volunteers attend a court session to observe courtroom proceedings, and are then asked to sign an Information Sheet/Volunteer Agreement, which details the responsibilities and expectations of the Teen Court program.  Call the Teen Court office at 972.219.3671 to get more info, request an Information Sheet/Volunteer Agreement after observing, or to find out the next court date.  Paperwork will also be available at Teen Court sessions/events.

Volunteer positions available at Teen Court are:  Juror, Bailiff, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, and Master Jury Judge. 

Most volunteers begin by serving as a Juror and, if desired, can move on to other duties at their own pace.