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The Lewisville Municipal Court now offers an eCourt Appearance. Dispose of your case by video conference with the Judge on your computer or mobile device.


  • If you already have a scheduled date and time to appear before the Judge you are still required to appear.
  • At your assigned date and time, click the link below and, if prompted, type in the Meeting/Hearing ID Number.
  • If you are not be able to appear as ordered, you must contact the court before your scheduled court date to discuss your options and/or request a different appearance date.
  • Please have your citation number or cause number available, click the link below and, if prompted, type in the Meeting/Hearing ID Number. To use this option, you must have a webcam/built-in camera with sound and video on your device to appear at eCourt. You must also install the Zoom App on your device before the video conference begins if you do not already have the app.
  • A defendant will be considered as Failed to Appear for their scheduled docket, if they have not checked in with the court clerk no later than 15 minutes from the start of their scheduled docket.

Please review this informative video before you attend your hearing.


Meeting/Hearing ID: 904 325 5281


To finalize the action(s) taken today in your case(s), you are REQUIRED to come to the Lewisville Municipal Court no later than the end of the following business day after your virtual hearing. Failure to do so will be considered a “Failure To Appear” at your scheduled court hearing and may result in the rejection of any agreement(s) reached in your case(s) and the issuance of a WARRANT for your arrest.

PLEASE NOTE: While the Court will make every effort to dispose of your case(s) via eCourt, it may not be possible in all circumstances and an in-person appearance may be required. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with ZOOM and can only connect via phone, please call 1.346.248.7799 and enter the Meeting/Hearing ID # listed above.

Things To Remember
To Appear via eCourt Appearance option, you must have:
At your eCourt Appearance, you have several options. You can:
Expectations at your eCourt Appearance:
Payment Requirements: