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Inspections and Permitting is composed of multiple departments, including Animal Services, Building Services, Central Permitting, Fire Prevention, and Health Services.  

Animal Services

Animal Services Division performs daily street patrols throughout the city to ensure ordinance compliance from animals that are considered at large or running loose, and assists citizens with nuisance animal complaints such as odor and barking dog issues.  The division is also responsible for enforcing the State’s Rabies laws as well as investigating animal cruelty complaints, animal bites and enforcing the dangerous dog regulations.  Animal Services is responsible for the sheltering, medical care, feeding and watering of the animals and finding good adoptable homes.


Building Services

Building Services manages and coordinates the plan review, permitting and inspection of private construction projects in accordance with the City of Lewisville ordinances and adopted Building Codes. A building permit is required for all new construction, remodeling, changes or additions to structures which includes signs, fences, retaining walls, swimming pools, patio covers, rewiring, electrical or mechanical work and plumbing.

Central Permitting

The staff in Central Permitting help residents and business owners through the process of applying for permits that pertain building inspections, fire inspections or health inspections.  Staff can be contact at 972.219.3470.

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Division conducts annual fire safety inspection on businesses, performs detailed plan review, and field inspections of all construction projects, verifies compliance and inspections for multi-family units.  The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for verifying the safety of our natural gas well sites.

Health Services conducts food related health inspections of all food service establishments, retail food establishments, temporary food service establishments, mobile food units, schools and child care facilities. These inspections are conducted on a routine basis to ensure compliance with the standards set forth by the Texas Department of Health. The Health Division also investigates all complaints about food service establishments located in Lewisville.