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Workers' Compensation


The City of Lewisville is self-insured for workers’ compensation.  The City of Lewisville contracts with a third party administrator to administer workers’ compensation claims.  If you are injured as a result of the duties performed in the course of your employment with the City, you may be eligible to receive Workers' Compensation benefits under the Workers' Compensation Insurance plan.

Workers’ Compensation is required under state law and covers the cost of hospitalization, physician fees, drugs, treatment, and other related expenses.  Employers are required by state law to report a workers’ compensation injury within 30 days of injury or as soon as the employee is aware the injury may be work related.  City policy requires notification to be made immediately, but no later than 24 hours.

Employees who are absent as a result of a work-related injury and whose inability to work extends beyond seven calendar days, will begin to accrue temporary income benefits (TIBS) on the eighth day of lost time following the injury.  Temporary Income Benefits are equal to 70% of an employee’s pre-injury wages and is capped at a maximum amount set by TWCC.  The employee retains the weekly temporary income benefit check that is received from the City’s third party administrator for Workers’ Compensation coverage in lieu of their normal pay.  Temporary Income Benefits are replacement income and not extra income.  Employees may receive both a Temporary Income Benefits check and a City check; however, all Temporary Income Benefits payments received will be deducted from future paychecks.

In addition to the required Temporary Income Benefits equal to 70% of an employee’s pre-injury wages described above, the City offers Supplemental Injury Leave equal to 30% of an employee’s pre-injury wages when an employee is unable to work due to a work-related injury.  If you are not eligible for Supplemental Injury Leave, you will not receive a City paycheck unless you elect to supplement your Temporary Income Benefit with your accrued leave benefits.

If you have questions or need assistance from the Office of Injured Employee Council, you may call 1.866.393.6432.

You can get more information about your workers’ compensation rights by calling 1.800.252.7031, or by visiting