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Leave Benefits



The City of Lewisville provides vacation to all regular, full-time employees for paid personal days off from work.  Employees are eligible to take vacation after completion of six months of service.

Years of service

 annualized rate for

general employees

 annualized rate for

sworn employees

1 - 4 

80 hours (10 days)

120 hours - POLICE

180 hours - FIRE

5 - 9

120 hours (15 days)

120 hours - POLICE

180 hours - FIRE

10 +

160 hours (20 days)

160 hours - POLICE

240 hours - FIRE

An employee with at least one full year of service shall receive terminal pay for unused vacation leave up to two times (2x) the employee’s annual rate of accrual.


The City of Lewisville recognizes nine (9) holidays to provide regular, full-time employees with paid days off from work to observe national or state holidays.  Employees are eligible immediately for the holiday.  Employees working in shift divisions may be required to work the holiday, the holiday will be accrued to be taken later.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day/September 11*
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Thanksgiving Friday
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, the holiday is observed the prior Friday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the holiday is observed on the following Monday.

*September 11 for all Sworn Fire personnel and Labor Day for all other employees

Employee & Dependent Sick / Funeral Leave

Employee & Dependent Sick / Funeral Leave provides employees with paid days off from work to use during a period of personal illness or injury, to care for ill family members as defined by the City of Lewisville policy and to attend the funeral of an immediate family member as defined by the City of Lewisville policy.  Employees hired in a full time capacity accrue 15 days per year.  Hours are accrued once an employee completes a full pay period and are accrued per pay period.  The total number of days an employee may accrue is 200 days.  Upon an employee’s termination, the employee shall be paid for all days over 30 up to 90 days.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA is provided in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.  Employees who have worked for the City of Lewisville for at least one year (even with a break in service up to seven years to count as prior service) and have worked 1,250 hours or more during the 12 months prior to the start of the requested leave are eligible for 12 weeks of FMLA for any of the following qualifying events:

  • The serious health condition of
    • The employee himself/herself
    • The employee’s parent
    • The employee’s child
    • The employee’s spouse
  • The birth, adoption placement or foster placement of a child
  • Active Duty Leave
  • Injured Service Member Leave (eligible for 26 weeks of FMLA)


Short Term Military Leave

If you are a member of the of military services, active service, reserve units, national guard, or other special unit, you may receive up to 15 days of paid military leave per calendar year.  You will be asked to submit a copy of the order, directive, notice, or other document that requires you to report for duty.

Extended Military Leave

Any employee who enters into the Armed Forces of the United States under existing Federal Regulations shall be granted a leave of absence and will be accorded reinstatement rights as provided by the applicable laws then in force.

Extended military service tours of duty are defined as any military tours which will require an employee to be absent from work longer than the amount of time designated for short term military leave.

Employees who are called to active duty will be paid military leave pay in an amount necessary to ensure no loss in wages between their military pay and their normal city pay for a period not to exceed two years during a five-year period.  In addition, active duty employees will continue to accrue their paid leave benefits.  They may use their accrued leave balances including vacation, holiday, and sick leave to supplement the difference between military leave pay and normal city salary once all military leave is utilized.  Once all accrued benefits are exhausted, the employee will be placed in an unpaid leave status.

Supplemental Injury Leave

Full-time, regular employees with a job-related injury are eligible to receive Supplemental Injury Leave.  This is in addition to any compensation received through the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act.  Supplemental Injury Leave is provided to make up the difference between Workers' Compensation benefits (Temporary Income Benefits) and City of Lewisville.

Supplemental Injury Leave will be provided to eligible employees for the first 12 consecutive weeks from the date of injury when an employee is unable to work.  Supplemental Injury Leave is provided for the first seven (7) days from the date of injury when an employee is unable to work.  In no case will the employee be provided more than 12 weeks of Supplemental Injury Leave for the same injury.

Supplemental Injury Leave Benefits may be denied or discontinued for any of the following reasons, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to Report Injury/Illness within 24 hours of the Injury
  • Failure to Report to a Physician or an Independent Medical Review Selected By the City (Includes Initial Treating Physician / referrals Made By Treating Physician)
    • City Selected Physicians
      • PrimaCare
      • Medical Center of Lewisville Hospital (after hours)
  • Failure to Give Written Consent for the Release of All Pertinent Medical Information to the City of Lewisville or Later Withdraw Consent
  •  Employee Does Not Follow the Recommended Medical Care, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Modified Duty Program
  • Employee Is Found to Be Working at Any Job, Including Self-employment
  • Employee Resigns or Is Terminated for Any Reason
  • Employee Retires or Dies
  • Employee Falsifies or Misrepresents His Disability, Illness, Injury or Medical Condition
  • Employee Refuses to Return to Regular Duty on the Day Specified by the Treating Physician
  • Employee Is No Longer Eligible for Workers' Compensation Benefits