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Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)


The City of Lewisville automatically provides eligible regular, full-time employees with AD&D Coverage, which is three times your annual salary, subject to a maximum of $300,000.

Accidental Death benefits are payable to your beneficiary, in addition to your Life Insurance benefit, if you die within 365 days after a covered accident and the cause of your death can be attributed to the covered accident.

Accidental Dismemberment benefits are payable to you if you suffer a loss that is covered under the plan.  The loss must have occurred within 365 days of the covered accident.

 loss of:

 AD&D Benefit


Principle Sum

both hands or both feet

Principle Sum

one hand and one foot

Principle Sum

one hand or one foot plus

the sight of one eye

Principle Sum

sight of both eyes

Principle Sum

speech and hearing

Principle Sum

use of four limbs

Principle Sum

use of three limbs

3/4 Principle Sum

use of two limbs

2/3 Principle Sum

speech or hearing

1/2 Principle Sum

thumb & index finger of same hand

1/4 Principle Sum

more than one of the above

 Largest Benefit